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In August 2001, the late Rt. Rev. James Kelsey, the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Michigan, commissioned and ordained Trinity's Ministry Support Team. The purpose of the Ministry Support Team is to encourage all believers to live their baptismal ministry. Shared leadership provides opportunities for ongoing education and outreach and a full sacramental life. The members of the Ministry Support Team originally came together through a process of discernment as a Covenant Group and spent several years in study, community building and spiritual development.

The Diocese of Northern Michigan and our Ministry Developer from the Diocese serve as valuable resources for Trinity Episcopal Church and all the other churches within our Region and the Diocese.

Trinity Episcopal Church seeks to forge a more viable, active community in which the person and ministry of each member and visitor is enriched and enlivened, thereby expanding our year-round ministry and service on Mackinac Island.

Trinity Church in Winter

Ministry Support Team

David Armour (deceased)
Fran Barger: Education Coordinator, Liturgical Coordinator
Pam Finkel: Member at Large
Trish Martin: Presbyter, Preacher
Alice Myron: Member at Large
Joan Slater: Presbyter, Liturgical Coordinator
Ron Smith: Presbyter, Preacher



Fran Barger
Pam Finkel
Kathryn Gilbert
Trish Martin
Sue Myron
Donny Sorenson

Cathy Clark

Trinity's new ministry developer, the Rev. Cathy Clark, receiving an ordination gift from Trinity
(a Joshua Ivey Abitz photograph) presented by Pam Finkel.
June 2012

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