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Trinity ChurchTrinity Episcopal Church on Mackinac Island, Michigan, is one of several Episcopal Churches in the Eastern Region of the Diocese of Northern Michigan, which is part of The Episcopal Church (TEC).

People of all faiths and denominations are always welcome at Trinity and invited to share our Eucharist.

Trinity is supported by our bishop, the Rt. Reverend Rayford Ray and a Ministry Developer who lives in the Eastern Region and serves as a resource for the churches in this region.

If you're planning a Mackinac Island wedding or vow renewal, Trinity Church's quiet, historic, worshipful, reverent setting may be perfect for you. For almost 130 years, Trinity Episcopal Church has been the site for many beautiful, meaningful spiritual events. We would be honored to be a part of your event any time of the year.

Contact us at:

Trinity Episcopal Church
PO Box 472
1637 Fort Street
Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Email: trinitymackinac@gmail.com

Phone: (906) 847-3798

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan

Newly published!

Moving Forward in Faith and Friendship: Trinity Episcopal Church.

Enjoy learning about the history and people of Trinity Episcopal Church in this beautifully written and well-researched book by Margaret Peacock.

To receive a copy, please send a check for a donation ($25 minimum plus $5.00 shipping) to:

Trinity Episcopal Church
PO Box 472
Mackinac Island, MI 49757



Before ...

Long before there was a church named Trinity Episcopal on Fort Street, Mackinac Island Michigan there were people on the small, turtle-shaped island between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas who had little in common except the very real hardships encountered, trying to survive there. But somehow, over time, many residents overcame their differences and began attending Episcopal services, while extending a welcome to worshippers from any denomination when there was no other Protestant church on the Island. A tiny congregation, meeting in an abandoned Presbyterian mission, a U.S. Army Fort and a county courthouse, grew together as a faith community. This is their story, and the story of those who succeeded them, and it is our story too, and the story of those who will follow us. Faces and fashions have changed across centuries; friends and family have moved or passed away, but Trinity's strength is, as it always has been, not a roof tightly sealed against leaks or wooden walls joined to keep out bad weather, but a community moving forward in faith and friendship.

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